Text/HTML body to PDF

Email the text or HTML in the body of your message to or The difference between the two is that the noheaders address does not include mail headers in the resulting converted PDF.

Markdown to PDF

Similar to the text/HTML body, except the body is written in Markdown and the message is sent to Markdown conversions also imply noheaders.

Web page to PDF

Sending a link in the body of the message (including the http:// or https:// prefix) to Our server will attempt to retreive the page and convert it to PDF. Note that this can only be done on publicly available webpages that do not require authentication. Requests for pornographic pages will be filtered/denied.

Attachments to PDF

Emailing an attachment to will attempt to convert that attachment to PDF. Only one attachment may be converted at a time. Supported formats currently include:

  • Microsoft Office (Word/Excel/PowerPoint/Visio)
  • Open/Libre Office (Writer/Calc/Impress/Draw)
  • XPS
  • Markdwon (.md/.markdown)
  • Images (PNG/JPG/GIF/etc)
  • .eml (Saved email message)
  • ePub

Note that iWork documents (Pages/Numbers/Keynote/etc) are not supported.

Dropbox API Integration

For details on automatically storing conversions via the Dropbox API, please see our Dropbox API integration overview

PDF to other formats

You can email a PDF as an attachment to one of the below addresses to have it converted to another format:


In most cases, the converted result will be sent back to the original email requestor. However, will send it back to the email address specified in the Reply-To: or Resent-From: headers, if they exist. Additionally, any addresses in the Cc: header will also get a copy of the conversion result.

Appending -letter to all addresses except attachconvert (for example, will send the PDF in Letter size format instead of A4 (the default).

If you included addresses on the Cc: line of the email, those addresses will also get a copy of the converted PDF. This can be useful for integrating with paperless workflows for Dropbox, Evernote or OmniFocus.