API Integrations and Option Token Support

There were a few big features released this week for pdfconvert.me:

  • Gmail API Integration - allows for automatic conversion of emails with a particular Gmail label
  • Dropbox API Integration - allows for uploading resulting PDFs to a Dropbox ‘Apps/pdfconvert.me’ folder
  • Support for sending conversion results to a specific address, using VERP-style encoding in the To: field. The first conversion to a return address will fail with an activation link which will authorize the service to send future emails without approval.
  • Option token support - for several years I have supported special addresses that alter the behavior of the service, but they were manually setup to work with a particular address combination. Now these options are tokenized and will work across all addresses (where it makes sense). The main “verb” still needs to be in the address such as pdfconvert, webconvert, attachconvert, etc - but it can be anywhere in the address, as can the option(s). A list of current options is as follows:
    • noheaders - Supressess any originating email headers from the conversion result
    • dropbox - Uploads the conversion result to Dropbox (if you have linked your account with us)
    • dropbox-only - Only uploads the conversion result to Dropbox (no email will be returned with the attachment)
    • striptags - Removes Evernote-style tags from the subject/filename (# and @)
    • noreplyto - Ignores the Reply-To: header in emails, so as not to send responses back to that address
    • nojs - Do not evaluate javascript on webconvert requests
    • content - For webconvert requests, only return the main text of the body

If you have other suggestions or feedback - please contact us!